Friday, July 22, 2011

His Turn

Before Jonathan read my last post, I asked him what he remembered most about Isaac's hospital stay. He talked, I transcribed, so these are his words:

I remember:

* the waiting room.

* that we got to know a lot of people really fast.

* I got a work call and wondered "Why am I answering this?"

* thinking we were taking a lot of pictures, but looking back on it, I wish we would have taken more.

* changing Isaac's diaper for the first time. Black poo.

* going to Subway and also McDonalds. Remember? We went driving around and couldn't find a restaurant, so we sat in the parking lot at McDonalds. I had to calm you down.

[We had a side bar here. After a brief discussion, we figured out it was actually the previous night that he had to "calm me down." That was the night that Lexie had spent much of the night with Isaac and I was so scared that she would change her mind and it would be all over.]

* when we stayed at the hospital you were always at the ready when he cried. I was in a fog and would wake up when you woke up but had no idea what had to be done or why I was being woken up at two in the morning. Then the sudden realization that this is going to be the way it is for a long time.

* leaving the hospital. I think I was probably the most emotional person there.

* I was glad I didn't know how bad the c-section was. And then I found out later that you had been nervous. Ignorance is bliss.

* Picking out his name last minute. We saw him and thought, he's born now, he needs a name. We picked it in the NICU waiting room.

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