Monday, August 22, 2011

Convincing Myself

A few days ago I received mail with this letterhead:

School is starting! Crack open that crisp new planner! Log into district e-mail! Prepare your hands for constant washing/santizing!

I should start by saying that I do love my job AND I'm only going to be working three days a week this year instead of five. (I'm hoping for the perfect mix of home/work life, grown-up time and baby time, paperwork and housework...)


This means it's official! Summer is over! Isaac's second summer ever! Gone! Just like that. So in order to feel a little less melancholy and panicky about it all, I've decided to list some of the things I love about fall. Because I do love fall.

* The way the sky becomes slate blue and looks lower, almost, against the autumn leaves
* Hoodies!
* Bonfires
* Actually being able to breathe when you get in a car that's been sitting outside for any period of time.
* Open windows
* That fall smell. You know the one.
* Pumpkin everything
* Cool nights and crunchy leaves
* Fall's seasonal beers
* That new-school-year tingle. This year I'll be an even better teacher! The sky is the limit! Go me! (Until the darn paperwork starts piling up…)
* Our TV shows come back on!
* Lazy football Sundays

Okay Fall, I'm ready. Bring it on!

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Amber said...

Thanks for your comment! I love your list. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons. I LOVE all the colors of fall, which in Alaska means the earth-toned EVERYTHING in the stores. (We don't get a real autumn here, it's about a week long and then you're freezing your nips off.)

I love a pumpkin spice candle this time of year... yum! Enjoy! Have a wonderful school year!