Monday, September 22, 2008

Long time, no see!

Date of last post: August 22?! It's already September 22!! Sheesh. Time flies.

Here's a quick update/random smattering of thoughts!

Our house is still on the market. And from what we can tell by looking at other houses in our area and the (very small) prices that go along with them... it doesn't look good, folks!! But, we're okay. There's no reason we have to be out of our house, and we actually like our little home very much. We are just giving it a shot, because we know that eventually we'll need more space and now's a good time to buy the kinds of houses that have more space.

Jonathan and I celebrated our three year anniversary a couple weeks ago! I love our anniversary because I get to celebrate the thing that means the most to me in the world and it gives me a reason to be all sentimental and mushy. =)

Cody has a little butt injury. He got a bunch of those tiny blackish/brown burrs stuck under his tail and in his little butthole (I know that's a funny word, but I don't know how else to describe it!) Poor guy!! It's all swollen and inflamed and I've been washing and applying neosporin twice a day. Even though it's not that big of a deal, I keep worrying about it. I can't even imagine what people do when they have kids! How do you not worry all the time?

And lastly, did you know there's a blog with the address I keep accidentally going there and am surprised when I see that someone else has posted to my blog. Then I realize that I have switched the jonathan and becky part around and it all makes sense. The pathetic part is that I have had this exact same "surprise" several times now. Ha!