Thursday, June 26, 2008

By the way, anyone interested in a disobedient house?

Our house is very, very sad

Jonathan and I have decided that our house is doing everything possible to sabotage our plan to move. Here's the evidence, decide for yourself.

A couple weeks ago: We met with our realtor and decided to put our house on the market.

A few days later, we realize that the (only) big tree in our front yard has mysteriously died. And not gradually, like you would imagine a tree would. Nope. Not even one scraggly leaf made it out alive.

Fast forward to last night (Wednesday): Our first showing (!!) is scheduled for tonight (Thursday), so we spent the evening cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc. A couple unexpected things happened.

1. I discovered that the kitchen floor was basically submerged under cold water. Hmm. After looking around a bit, we discoverd that every single thing under the sink was SOAKED. Drenched. Sopping wet. (Turns out, there was a broken piece of piping attached to where the dishwasher water drains from. Water had sprayed everywhere.)

2. A bit later, I'm vacumming and all of a sudden, the lights go out and the vaccuum stops. I must have overloaded the circuit. No big deal, right? Jonathan goes to flip the switch on the circuit breaker, and it won't go to the on position! He tries lots of things, but it just won't work. So now Jonathan has to try to fix the broken sink in the dark. At 11:45 pm.

The next morning: I'm getting ready to leave the house and I notice that the water in the toilet is completely brown. We keep flushing and it stays as brown as can be. Flush, flush, flush, brown, brown, brown. I lift up the cover to the tank and the walls of the tank are covered with thick brown slimeyness. (Gross, I know) All I can think is... REALLY?! Why now?!

See what I mean? The only possible explanation is that our house loves us very much and is going to do everything in its power to keep us there. Well, House, we love you too but you're not really helping your case here.

(The story does end well for now, though. Jonathan, my hero, my super handy husband, fixed the water pipe and changed out the switch in the circuit breaker for a new one. Viola! Dry kitchen and electricity! As for the toilet, I scrubbed the tank and the water now runs clear. Bring on the potential buyers!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Please take a moment of your time to fill out the very important survey we have added to this blog.

You will find it to the right of your screen, beginning at the top of the column.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nanny Lesson #2: T minus 30 minutes

I've finally figured it out.

If we ever need to be anywhere at a specific time (which is fairly often, considering the summer program, cello lessons, and dance camps!) the girls need to start getting ready to leave about THREE HOURS before it's actually time to leave.

Okay, so I'm exaggerating. But seriously, 30 minutes, minimum. This leaves enough time for going to the bathroom, gathering all necessary items, becoming distracted and forgetting the task at hand, finding shoes... and going to the bathroom again.

(Hmm. After re-reading that last paragrah, I have to wonder: Am I talking about the two girls... or myself?!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To you, Dad

Happy Father's Day to a man who loves his family more than words could ever say. The same man who completely and truly follows his heart and his dreams.

And inspires other people to do the same.

I love you, Dad!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nanny Lesson #1: The Purse

I'm 3 days into my full-time summer nannying position and here's what I already know for sure:

I need a bigger purse.

My tiny purse doesn't fit snacks, bottled water, camera, sunscreen, anti-bacterial wipes, and sweaters (just in case). And we can't forget all the non-essentials like money, keys, and my drivers license!

I've started watching all the savvy moms at the libraries and parks to see how they handle the logistics of life with children. So far, all I can say for sure is that they all have really big purses.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Cody will NEVER sleep with us!"

You may have heard that very sentence come out of either Jonathan's mouth or my own.

And we did SO WELL! Really, we did. I think we waited almost a whole year before inviting that dirty, furry, 75 pound heater into our bed.

But that's all over now. =) We're hooked. It's just so darn cute the way he waits at the bedroom door and bats his eyelashes at us when the clock hits 10 or so. How can we say no?

Yes, we spoil him. And we love every minute of it! If we can't even hold our resolve with a dog, imagine what kind of parents we're going to be!! Oh boy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blogs, bookmarks, and babies... (oh my!)

Like anybody who frequents Blogland, I have quite a few blogs bookmarked on my browser. To help myself remember what sort of blog each one is, I add a little reminder to the front of the title. Example: (Prospective adoptive parents) "Our Adoption Journey" or (First Mom) "Chronicles from Munchkin Land" or (Adoptive parents) "Belly Laughs & Crocodile Tears."

Lately, I have been able to change the labels of several of these blogs from PROSPECTIVE adoptive parents to adoptive parents! It's been amazing to follow these strangers' stories from (anxious!) waiting to suddenly being parents! And that's exactly what it seems to be, too... sudden. Like, BOOM, you're a mom now! When things really start happening, I get excited and check their blog a couple times a day (that's not stalking, is it? Is it...?!). But when the time comes and I erase that big word "prospective"... I'm a little sad. Don't know why, really. I think it's kind of like someone's graduating out of a club that I'm still stuck in.

The fun of seeing the beautiful baby pictures and the feeling of "wow, it really DOES happen!" overpowers that little twinge of sadness pretty quickly. But, I do feel it. And it does surprise me. So there you go.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Big news?! Really? Did their house magically sell before it was on the market? Did Becky get that new job? Is there something new on the adoption front? Is Becky finally letting Jonathan get that deep fat fryer?"

No, don't know yet, not really, and gross.

So here it is... the big news: For the first time ever, I let Cody have the run of the house while I ran errands!!! I was gone for one hour and fifteen minutes and when I came back, everything was just how I had left it! For those of you who know Cody, you understand what an amazing breakthrough this is! For those of you who don't... well, let's just say that for the first year or so of his life, I couldn't even pee with the door shut for fear of him causing damage to himself or our house.

We're such proud doggy parents right now! Our little guy is growing up. *sniff*

Cody then:

Cody now (sometimes):