Monday, October 27, 2008

Who wants to hear a really REALLY gross story?

So I came home from work, opened the door from the garage into the basement and thought... hmmmm. Smells a little weird.

Then I opened the door that leads to the upstairs and OH MY GOODNESS. Cody had explosive diarrhea all the way down the steps. This includes the first set of stairs, the landing, and the second set of stairs. Oh yeah, and the walls.

And judging by the way it has crusted and bonded with the carpet, it happened at least a few hours ago.

It was THE MOST DISGUSTING (and yes, I know I'm using a lot of capital letters today) thing I've ever had to clean up in my life. And I worked in child care, so that's saying a lot.

Jonathan happens to come home conveniently after I have cleaned it all up, disposed of the evidence, and everything looks more or less the way it always has. But, all the windows are open (in late-October Minnesota weather!) and he smells bleach and various other cleaners, so he knows something's up.

After I tell him the whole gruesome story, two of the first things he says are "You should have taken pictures!" and "I'm glad you were the first one home!"

I suppose I can forgive him since the third thing he said was "Do you need a hug?"
Soooooo, anyone want to buy our house now?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My calendar tells me it's October!

Somebody (Melis, is that you?!=) has reminded me that another several weeks have gone by... post-less. Yikes! Actually, I've been thinking about it every now and then, but haven't felt like I really had anything to say. (Don't get me wrong, I still don't have anything to say, but I decided to write anyway)

The original purpose of this blog was to keep family and friends updated on the adoption process, because it's seems like something that will be complicated and exciting and emotional and sometimes messy. BUT, now that we're putting adoption on hold for awhile, well... I'm just telling stories about Cody and Jonathan and me. So that's why I may be coming around less until we actually begin the mountain of paperwork and meetings that come with adoption. With that said, here's a little something about what's going on with us.

* I have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!! And I'm savoring every minute. I turned my alarm off last night (which is the best feeling ever) and plan to enjoy my day. (And do a little grocery shopping, laundry, and errand running. I can't get off absolutely scott free. But I can sit around in my pajamas!!)

* Cody's little butt is fine now, but it did take many soakings in warm water and applications of Neosporin. But I do have to say that a week after the Burrs-in-the-Butt incident, he sprained his hip!! (It's that crazy way he skids around when he chases tennnis balls. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten hurt before!) So, he had some pain meds and had to take it easy for a couple weeks, but he is absolutely fine now.

* Here's an interesting fact I learned from my oatmeal this morning: "Nose prints can be used to identify dogs- in the same way that fingerprints can be used to identify people." I guess we better get Cody nose-printed. Just in case.