Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sleep Training is AMAZING

Tonight, my son, who has woken up several times a night and required exhausting pre-bedtime rituals for 14 months has officially slept through the night for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!

And guess what he did this evening? You'll never believe it. We went through the normal bedtime routine, I put him in his crib, he sat up and watched me leave... and then DIDN'T CRY!! He must have layed right down, snuggled in, and fallen asleep! With no tears! Oh my gosh. You can probably tell by the excessive amount of exclamation points I'm using, but I could not be happier.

I will never take sleep for granted again. These past few days have been heavenly.


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Go YOU.... way to hang in there, but always worth it in the end!!!!!

Laurie said...

I'm so glad! An FB message regarding what we did for naps will be delivered within the hour. School slept me away for a bit, but I'm getting back on track.